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SOA as a Dynamic Value Network

Since the early days of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) appearing, I have argued that SOA is a paradigm rather than a specific approach to using technology. Evidence for this ought to be that technologies change but underlying paradigms do not (see … Continue reading

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Government Transformation – what’s the deal with patterns?

The OASIS technical committee working on a “Transformational Government Framework” (and on which I serve as an editor), reached an important milestone today – the vote to approve its first formal draft (URL will be posted once published), an important … Continue reading

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Tensions between IPRs and ICT standardisation

I’ve been reading Jochen Friedrich’s Open Blog: Tensions between IPRs and ICT standardisation – Need for action on all sides. Jochem raises some interesting points. “5. The topic of ex ante declaration of licensing terms remains disputed. Yet, there seems … Continue reading

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Can you keep a secret? The nonsense of security classifications that #Wikileaks exposes

Like many million others, I’m just starting to digest the first of wave of news about the latest Wikileaks exposé.  A couple of thoughts cross my mind. Firstly, the Guardian reports, “More than 3 million US government personnel and soldiers, … Continue reading

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When will eGovernment really join the 21st Century?

The news announcement, that personal data of more than 25 million British people has been compromised, was greeted with the inevitable tut-tutting. “Mistakes by junior officials” meant that two disks, containing copies of the data, went missing when courriered between … Continue reading

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OASIS Symposium – Round-table on Web Services and SOA

In the work of the OASIS Reference Model for SOA, I and others repeatedly raised the issue of whether we should spell “web services” –upper case or lower case? For me, Upper case implies the WS-* stack of specifications, whereas … Continue reading

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OASIS Symposium – Data Services

Two papers, from Sri Gopolan (Booz Allen) and Murty Gurajada, looking at how SOA should also pay attention to how data is managed and moved around in orchestrated eService transactions – the idea of specific data services. I missed Sri’s … Continue reading

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