About Me

I am committed to transforming the way we interact with and use technologies in our business, public and private lives.

In all areas of our lives, technology plays an ever increasing and important role and yet our relationship with technology is still too often one of frustration, confusion, and unnecessary complexity.

In business, many processes aimed at improving ‘efficiency’ through technology have failed because they have not taken into account just how much we rely on human skills, interpretation, and ‘intangible value’, that formal processes and technology often cannot capture.

In public life, many so-called ‘eGovernment’ initiatives have failed to live up to expectations where emphasis has been simply on cost-cutting and job-reduction rather than giving public officials and employees greater control over their work and delivering greater value for a lower cost, whilst empowering people through use of good technology.

In our private lives, we are faced with increasingly complex technologies and often feel that we are losing control over privacy and the way that we interact with other people and services.

With principles of interoperability and use of open standards central to my work, I am committed to developing, deploying and using technology that puts the user back in control and makes technology a tool of the user – not the other way around.