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ISO/IEC 27018 – What Does It Offer?

All this week, I have been blogging about the new ISO/IEC 27018 Standard and what it means for protecting personal information in cloud-based services. So, what does the Standard actually offer? The standard gives new, clear guidance based on EU … Continue reading

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Managing personal data in the cloud – assessing the risk

In the previous posts, I covered the key issues covered by the new ISO/IEC 27018 Standard; and how an organization would go about complying with it and proving that. Today I want to look at the issue of privacy and … Continue reading

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“We value your privacy” – oh yes? Can you prove it?

How many web sites state baldly “We value your privacy”? If you are curious and decide to click on that little link, buried at the bottom of many a webpage, that says ‘Privacy Policy’, this is one of those over eager phrases … Continue reading

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Good Governance of Cloud Services – role of privacy standards – Sony, are you listening?

I mentioned in my post yesterday, that a 2-page Boardroom Briefing on Privacy in the Cloud has now been released, and which looks at the value of the recently published ISO/IEC 27018 Standard. Please take a look and send me any feedback. … Continue reading

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Privacy in the Cloud – a role for Standards?

Last Friday, it was my privilege to moderate a roundtable discussion hosted by The Dewey Group in Washington, D.C. with an extremely distinguished panel of speakers: Cameron Kerry, Senior Counsel, Sidley Austin LLP and former General Counsel and Acting Secretary … Continue reading

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