Amazon’s bid for the .book domain name – The blame lies elsewhere

Interesting story over at The Verge about publishing industry opposition to Amazon trying to muscle in to own a proposed new .book top-level domain

So why are Amazon attracting all the flack? The real culprit, in my opinion, is the ICANN of worms opened last Spring – I blogged at the time that what they were doing was a very, very, silly idea and would really benefit nobody but crooks and dodgy operators. To be clear, I do not place Amazon in either category. In their shoes, I would have done the same and tried to register .book before anyone else did – a (for them, relatively cheap) insurance policy.

But if you set in motion a process that has limited to no real benefit for legitimate operators but offers a boon for crooks and dodgy operators, what would you call it? Answers on a postcard please…

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