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A Paradigm Shift in Personal Data – from possession to use

Ever since I started getting interested in this subject and started writing about it, I had in my pea-brained mind a vague vision of some technology-enabled future in which people could exercise greater, if not total, control over “their data”. … Continue reading

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A User? Me? Part 2

I took part last week in my very first Internet Identity Workshop (IIW), notes from which are being finalised on a dedicated Wiki. A theme that surfaced a couple of times was around the issue of the relationship between a … Continue reading

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Death to NSTIC! Long Live NSTIC!

My first Internet Identity Workshop this week. First morning busy getting going; helping out Dawn Jutla with her presentation of the new OASIS technical committee, “Privacy by Design for Software Engineers”; and attending a regular conference call for the Management … Continue reading

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A “User”? Me? How dare you…

An innocent enough conversation thread discussing issues around privacy as part of the IDESG effort has thrown into stark relief some difficult questions about core terminology being used. In line with common convention, the ubiquitous “user” appeared in many diagrams. … Continue reading

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SOA as a Dynamic Value Network

Since the early days of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) appearing, I have argued that SOA is a paradigm rather than a specific approach to using technology. Evidence for this ought to be that technologies change but underlying paradigms do not (see … Continue reading

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