Time to pay for the free lunch

So, half way through blogging the OASIS Symposium, my blog client seizes up. The reason? I’m still using an “old” Blogger account, provided by those nice, happy guys out in Google. Only now they want me to create a Google account in order to go using the previously free service. And they didn’t tell me. And the blog client doesn’t know what to do except to say that the account doesn’t work any more.

Why? They want me to finally pay for the free lunch, now I get it. Only I don’t want to play the game any more now that they’ve moved the goalposts (although I guess I did see it coming).

An interesting question: even if a service is offered free, shouldn’t there be a more robust way of notifying clients of changes to fundamental changes in the terms of conditions? Because it’s not just about changing my username, as it was presented to me (“just follow these two simple steps…”). It is a fundamental shift, requiring me to be identifiable by Google, not just Blogger and “offering” me a whole host of things that I don’t want but can’t unbundle separately.

So, it’s been nice knowing you Blogger but I’m going to look for someone else…

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