OASIS Symposium – Data Services

Two papers, from Sri Gopolan (Booz Allen) and Murty Gurajada, looking at how SOA should also pay attention to how data is managed and moved around in orchestrated eService transactions – the idea of specific data services.

I missed Sri’s paper but am familiar with the work from cooperation we’ve had over the last months on attempting to charter a new piece of work on this theme through OASIS. In the Q&A, this was specifically addressed, with a question regarding the orchestration of data services across organisational and ownership boundaries: Sri’s contribution to the strawman on this, was very important.

In addition to the issues of having distinct building blocks for enabling composite services to be developed and deployed, there is increasing attention being given to the issues of “SOA Governance” – life-cycle management and access controls to services – and “Data Governance” – life-cycle management of and access controls to corporate data – managing their data better, and managing better data.

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