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What’s the point of identity (2)

A sting in the digitial tale“I was working in an archive of a 250-year-old business, reading correspondence from about the time of the American Revolution. Incoming letters were stored in wooden boxes about the size of a standard Styrofoam picnic … Continue reading

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Edwin Wurm – One Minute Sculptures

Managed to catch the current exhibition of work by Austrian artist Edwin Wurm, finishing tomorrow. A refreshingly interesting modern artist, with a playful and original take on everyday life and objects. As Christiane said, it’s not every artist who makes … Continue reading

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What’s the point of identity (1)

I’ve been following and participating in a series of activities and projects relating to the ever difficult questions surrounding electronic identity management, and I’ve decided to post a few entries to clarify my own thinking. To start off, I’m interested … Continue reading

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Warning over ePassport microchips

From the BBC News site:Microchips in Britain’s new ePassports only have two-year warranties, a National Audit Office report says. They are so new, no-one knows how long they will last, or how the scanners reading them will work, the NAO … Continue reading

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Just make it SOA, Number One…

I have never really thought of myself as a Star Trekkie, but I was struck a few weeks ago by Jean-Luc Picard’s famous command to Number One in the Star Trek Next Generation series: “Just make it so, Number One…” … Continue reading

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W3C European Symposium on eGovernment

In Spain for a couple of days for the European Symposium on eGovernment organised by the World Wide Web Consoritum (W3C). Hosted by the Spanish city of Gijon in the Asturias region, the seminar has been an attempt to identify … Continue reading

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