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BBC NEWS | Technology | Wi-fi pioneers offer cheap router

From the article: “Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and broadband carriers are also unwilling to allow a user’s private broadband connection to be used publicly.” Excuse me? Who is paying for this? If I’m paying for a particular bandwidth, isn’t up … Continue reading

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The battle lines of document standards

It’s hard to remain dispassionate about this, but the battle lines are bieng drawn on whether public administrations should “standardize” around the OASIS and SUN-originated “Open Document Format” or Microsoft’s offer of OpenXML with some administrations coming out early in … Continue reading

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Personal Data Model

Meeting with the British Government Home Office (Passport and Identity Cards Service) today to discuss, together with government representatives from Austria (my current host administration), France and Germany, to discuss common issues around electronic identity management. My input is to … Continue reading

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Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Blink-and-you’ll-miss-it radio ads

Who is to draw the line between “ultra-brief ads” (Guardian 14 June) and illegal subliminal advertising? In a world where we are constantly bombarded with explicit attempts to capture our conscious attention, how long until advertisers exploit this black art? … Continue reading

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W3C – what’s in a name?

Nosily browsing through some domains registered in the new .eu top level domain (TLD) launched this April, I noticed that W3C’s application to register had been rejected. One would have thought that if anyone had a claim to this … Continue reading

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BBC NEWS | Business | Mobile phone roaming fees slashed

BBC News reports that “Some of Europe’s biggest mobile phone operators, including the UK’s Orange and Germany’s T-Mobile, have agreed to slash mobile phone roaming charges.” No mention of cuts to the enormous and unsavoury charges for sending text messages … Continue reading

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