Make way for SOA 2.0 | InfoWorld | News | 2006-05-17

What is this nonsense? Are software developers and some major companies so obsessed with “upgrading” and “improving” that they just have to roll out a new version? (You could say that W3C set the trend with XML: as a reference meta-language for developing mark-up languages, one would have expected that it didn’t need a version, as it was intended to be a standard and yet, because of some quirks and oversights, we have version 1.1 already….but I digress…)
SOA version 2? What on Earth is it supposed to be except a cheap promotional slogan? Do we see anywhere an “Electricity Supply v2”? No. Why? Simple. It’s meaningless. And so with SOA: SOA is not a software build that might need a newer, better, faster, version at some stage. It is a stable approach to and a model for building information systems. Some companies and developers were already confusing SOA with their own particular implementation, a situation that led to the standards development consortium OASIS to develop a Reference Model for Service Oriented Architecture. This reference model – currently in the last stages of approval as an OASIS specification and standard – defines the essentials of SOA, whatever the platform, whatever the implementation.
SOA 2.0 is vacuous hype.

Update (2006-06-12): There is also now an online petition regarding this

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