Technology changing the human brain

I came upon this speech in the UK House of Lords, following a newspaper article in the UK’s Guardian newspaper: In contrast to the “Cox Index” that demonstrates the “maturity” of a society with regard to its proficiency in the use of multi-media technologies, Baroness Susan Greenfield argues that there is a danger that the “yuk and wow” factor of multimedia experiences are actually dangerously affecting the way we think, associate, and maybe even reason. “The most immediate reaction instead would be to place a premium on the most obvious feature, the immediate sensory content—we could call it the “yuk” or “wow” factor. You would be having an experience rather than learning. Here sounds and sights of a fast-paced, fast-moving, multimedia presentation would displace any time for reflection or any idiosyncratic or imaginative connections that we might make as we turn the pages and then stare at the wall to reflect”

Definitely worth a full and thorough read and further attention

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