eInclusion Stakeholders meeting (continued – Session 3)

Inclusive eGovernment

Math Muijres, Centre of Expertise NL

Bojil Dobrev, University of Sofia, Bugaria

Interesting proposition: can many so-called “life event” eServcies be carried out without the citizen being involved. Imagine buying a car and at point of sale, a single interaction would generate all the necessary transactions for tax, insuarnce, regsitration and bank loan. WHy does the user have to faced with all the paperwork?

My own presentation in this session, on behalf of the AustrianGovernment, is available on this site.

Elizabeth Muller, Gov3
POlicy group specialising in eInclusion work.
Some emerging critical success factors:
– deep understand of the market, focussed around digitally excluded citizen
– holistic approach to inclsuion
– cross-sectoral partnership to foster innovation
Specific factors of impact in UK:
– pro-competitive regulatory regime
– investment in ICT in schools, imporve educational outcome and drives home PC ownership
– Home Computing Initiative: tax beaks + industry partnership + employer-led marketing
– Universal community access
– Communications, leveraging private and voluntary sector channels.
Example: State of Michigan used experience of other countries, and in partnership with Intel

Don’t believe you are going to save money! Poor information transactions waste government money, but good ones merely generate more interest and take-up, and thus higher costs too.

Value of “blended transactions”: allowing users to start a transaction on one channel (eg broadband Internet access) and continue at a point via telephone with an official.

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