BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Film fans get permanent downloads

from the BBC News story: “Fans will pay £19.99 for a DVD of their chosen film plus two digital copies to keep indefinitely – one for their home computer and one for a portable device.”

Hmm…a digital copy to keep indefinitely on a specific device? On any given device, that has a lifespan of, what? Three years? Five, tops… WHy can I not legitimately move something I’ve paid for to the storage medium and playing device of my choice? I don’t know about you, but I’d probably buy more DVDs and music if I didn’t hesitate about the format and restrictions first.

When a user has a digital copy that can be moved freely from one device to another (but not copied) that would “completely revolutionise” the market. This proposal is no better than the iTunes philosophy: download at will but heaven help you if you want to move your content elsewhere or plan it on another device.

They’ve possibly correctly identified a niche market: people who just can’t wait for the film to arrive by post or in the cinema, so will download and watch it once on their PC or portable device, and settle down to the “hard copy” version for all re-views once it’s arrived.

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