Somalia’s IT priorities

Talk with Mohammed Omar (First Deputy Speaker of the Transitional Federal Parliament if the Somali Republic) who made a plea for more support from the European Union, particularly in the field of training and sustainable infrastructure development. I had the impression that the transitional assembly’s work was being hampered or at least its potential impact limited by the presence of such a high number of marloards in the assembly.
I can imagine that their interest in deal-brokering would be placed higher on their personal agenda than that of the national good. It would be a pity, because here is an example of a country with desperately poor infrastructure and in which everyone stands to gain if internal rivalries are put aside in favour of a common good. I’m not making any unrealistic plea for majot information technology infrastructure investment: the Somalis would be happy first with a stable and reliable electricity supply grid, and computing infrastructure is low or the list of priorities.
Encapsulating accumulated knowledge in a new and still fragile democracy, however, is a priority whether with high, low or no technology: it is a major political issue…

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