Process vs Content – which is more important

Which wears out more quickly or is damaged more easily in your experience? A CD/DVD, or the CD/DVD player? And when the latest medium is replaced by another (cassette by CD, CD by MP3, etc), how easy is it to transfer our collections – our “content” form one media to another? The technology reflects the classic primacy of the process over purpose and content.
For the user, however, it is the content that counts, and that should persist across any changes in media or technology. The same principle should also apply on a larger scale, but we seem more than content (excuse the pun) to lock our content into one particular proprietary “content management” platform or another, without real concern about the material that we are managing.
In many commercial enterprises the “content” may be nothing more than the paperwork (orders, shipping notes, invoices, and so forth) that is only a symbolic representation of the value of the company’s actual products in the “physical” world. But in organizations where the paperwork is the product (for example in the public sector, legislative texts) the manner in which these valuables are handled is truly shocking. In the European Union we don’t allow improperly labeled or unlabelled food to be distributed and sold and yet we blithely content ourselves with allowing a piece of proprietary content management software to label and mark our content according to its own rules and standards.

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