Browser bookmark management with Topic Maps

Paper to Extreme Markup 2003 by Thomas Passin

Making effective use of large collections of browser bookmarks is difficult. The user faces major challenges in finding specific entries, in finding specific or general kinds of entries, and in finding related references. In addition, the ability to add annotations would be very valuable.
This paper discusses a practical model for a bookmark collection that has been organized into nested folders. It is shown convincingly that the folder structure in no way implies a hierarchical taxonomy, nor does it reflect a faceted classification scheme. The model is presented as a topic map. A number of simple enhancements to the basic information are described, including a very modest amount of semantic analysis on the bookmark titles. An approach for preserving user-entered annotations across bookmark updates is delineated. Some issues of user interface are discussed. In toto, the model, the computed enrichment, and the user interface work together to provide effective collocation and navigation capabilities.
A bookmark application that embodies this model has been implemented entirely within a standard browser The topic map engine is written entirely in javascript. The utility of this application, which the author uses daily, is remarkable considering the simplicity of the underlying model. It is planned to give a live demonstration during the presentation.

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