XML 2002 Presentation Slides

XML 2002 Presentation Slides, including:
– The Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) – An Overview of Vision and Progress;
– The Copyright Wars Come to XML Standards, Pam Samuelson;
– Patterns and Reuse in Document Engineering, Bob Glushko and Tim McGrath;
– Creating Corporate Knowledge Repositories from Individual Content Management Systems;
– Web Services in Action at the United Nations, John J. Chelsom;
– A Matter of Style: Web Services Architectual Patterns, Kevin J. Mitchell;
– Topic Maps: Best Candidate Backbone for Content Intelligence Solutions, Jean Delahousse;
– The empolis Knowledge Management Suite – Transforming Information into Value, H. Holger Rath;
– The Evolution of the Web Architecture, Craig Hayman;
– Understanding ebXML, Dale Waldt;
– The XML Papers: Lessons on Applying Topic Maps, Steve Pepper & Lars Marius Garshol;
– Topic Map Authoring Using Reusable Ontologies and Automated Knowledge Mining, Joshua Reynolds, Eliot Kimber;
– DISA Standards Update, Mike Rawlins, Lisa Shreve;
– XML in Adobe Document and Data Publishing, Charles Myers;
– A Web Services API for a Government Procurement Application, Al Gough;
– Integration without Authority: Loosely Coupled XML Processing without Shared Schemas, Mike Champion;
– Liberty Alliance: Will An Open Standard Increase e-Commerce?, Bill Smith;
– Topic Maps – Matchmaking Mechanism Using mergeMap and Published Subjects, Motomu Naito;
– Bringing the XML Vision to the Desktop With ‘Office 11’, Jean Paoli;
– The Universal Business Language Initiative, Mark R. Crawford;
– Onto-What?, Kurt W. Conrad;
– Using DAML + OIL as a Constraint Language for Topic Maps, Eric Freese;
– e-Voting Technical Standards, John J. Borras;
– Articulating Conceptual Spaces Using the Topic Map Standard, Helka Folch, Benoît Habert;
– How Normalization Standards are Helping and Hindering the Success of XML, Cliff Schmidt;
– Documents Revisited: eCommerce for the Masses, Jon Bosak

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